We are a full service residential real estate appraisal company.

An appraisal is the act or process of developing an opinion of value. The valuation process is a systematic procedure the appraiser follows to answer a client’s question about real property value. The most common type of appraisal assignment is the development of an opinion of market value for a specified type of property. However, because of their specialized training and experience, appraisers can provide a wide range of additional appraisal services—from investment consultation, to advice on items that effect market value, future value due to improvements made, etc...

The types of properties we handle: Single family residences, condominiums, 2-4 multi-family, raw or vacant land.

We can supply a current market value for such reasons as: Getting a loan for a purchase or refinance, divorce, estate transfer, or to just establish a current value to help in decision making.

We do retroactive appraisals (a value of the property for a specified date in the past). This service is general used for "date of death" appraisals for estate needs.

We do future value appraisals. The value listed in the report will be based on improvements and/or updates that yet need to be finished or started. This type of an appraisal is usually performed for new construction, properties in the process of improvements and/or updates. This is also helpful in making a decision if proposed improvements and/or updates are cost feasible.

In addition to supplying written appraisal reports to clients, we also do consulting or provide advise on any residential properties as it pertains to value and/or market conditions.